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The Consortium

Plant Integrity Ltd manufactures the Teletest Focus guided wave non-destructive testing equipment commonly used for inspection and monitoring pipelines and tubular structures. Established in 1997 and wholly owned by TWI Ltd, Plant Integrity (Pi) has been at the forefront of guided wave research and is considered market leader in providing support to its clients with equipment, training and mentoring. Pi works with government agencies, local authorities, government-regulated industries and the private-sector to provide safe and reliable pipelines, offshore oil platforms, onshore oil fields, railways, wind turbines, tidal turbines, and well-managed civic infrastructure such as safe bridges, roads, airports, tanks and other metal structures.

The Pi brand is synonymous with great relationships with clients, suppliers and staff. We are building a business that is in tune with the needs of the global client base we serve, finding new ways to deliver safety through structural and engineering assessments, condition monitoring and specialist NDT of a highly diverse range of pressure equipment and structures.

Innora is a deep R&D Engineering Consultancy employing its expertise in service robotics, machine learning, and embedded systems to offer tailor made solutions across industry functions and markets. Innora can act as your innovative lab capable of designing, testing and crafting working prototypes.

InnoTecUK is a leading UK based Robotics and Automation solution provider with expertise in the field of Non-destructive Testing, Automation, Sensors and Instrumentation. InnoTecUK specializes in various types of robotic systems and inspection solutions for a wide array of industries such as Oil & Gas Off-shore platforms, Petrochemical and Nuclear Power Plants, Wind Turbines, Ships, Storage Tanks, Aircrafts, Buildings, Bridges and Railways.

The principal mission of the Brunel Innovation Center is to establish a world class research center offering high quality research in an innovative environment. We aim to attract outstanding students and focus on acoustic wave and allied technologies covering a range of materials, sensors, electronics and software systems. BIC operates with the aim of developing a financially sustainable research facility, drawing on Brunel University's existing strengths, to complement and underpin the applied research and development activities of TWI.

Operating four oil refineries, with a total of 28.1 million tons annual crude oil processing capacity, Tüpraş is Turkey’s largest industrial enterprise. In addition, a majority stake (79,98%) in shipping company DİTAŞ and 40% share ownership of petrol retailer Opet, creates synergies and adds value to the operations. The roots of Tüpraş, an integrated petroleum company with a large market share, corporate reliability, production complexes and affiliates, dates back to İPRAŞ (İstanbul Petrol Rafinerisi A.Ş.) founded by the U.S. Caltex Company. In 1983, İPRAŞ and three other publicly owned refineries were brought under the Tüpraş umbrella by arrangements made for a more effective operation of State Economic Enterprises.



SafeAST at WCNDT 2016

The World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing is the most important event for the NDT community. The WCNDT 2016 Conference, which attracted around 2.500 participants and further 1.400 additional exhibition visitors, took place on 13-17 June 2016 in Munich, Germany.
670 presentations in nine parallel sessions, 273 exhibitors and more than 100 posters gave an overview to the visitors about the latest research findings and applications in non-destructive testing. During the conference, exhibitors had the opportunity to present their newest developments, NDT applications, and research results.

Plant Integrity has promoted SafeAST at this event by presenting a paper (Peter Mudge presented Non-Invasive Monitoring Strategies for Engineering Structures using Guided Waves - Th.1.E Structural Health Monitoring - Guided Waves). The project was also discussed with the delegates, who visited Pi stand.
Further information on the event is available at: https://www.wcndt2016.com


The safeAST™ team at the Dubai Expo

A two person-team from the safeAST consortium visited the Tank World Expo at the Dubai World Trade Centre. We had the opportunity to meet with numerous service providers and talk about our novel approach to non-destructive testing of tank floors.